About: A Tree Grows In NYU


This is a blog about urban farming in New York City! Come on you believers and non-believers who thought it was impossible to grow a plant in your tiny studio apartment. I am here to tell you that this is a lie! I have killed many a plant and flower seemingly gasping for air and sunlight in a tiny nook of my windowsill. Many people have defied this notion that among the acid rain and pollution of this city that things can grow in a clean and “green” environment and can grow in such a success that they may just be able to feed all eight million people one day! Find out how…

Throughout the Spring 2012 semester, I will be bringing to light urban farming in the New York City area. In doing so, the overall intention is to allow readers to grow more conscious of the relationship people have with what they consume and how we can make food more sustainable and accessible to people.

Here, you are invited to read about self starting urban and local farmers and innovators who are creating new ways to find, learn and cultivate food and how we interact with food in sustainable ways.


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